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A portion of each sale goes to P.A.W.S!


#1 ONLINE - click on shirts below and add to cart! You can use any            type of card though PayPal (You do not need a PayPal account to check out)

#2 BY PHONE - 308-760-8073  (Ashley @ Studio A)

#3 IN STORE - 424 Box Butte Alliance, NE to place your order.

      (shop ours Mon-Thurs 9am-4pm)

We accept Cash, Checks, Card--Local Pickup or Shipping Available

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We provide medical assistant to Shelter and community animals. Our volunteers dedicate their time in finding homes and socializing with shelter animals.


P.A.W.S mission is simple…we love our four legged friends, and we want the environment at the Animal Shelter to be as positive, humane and loving as possible. With the help of volunteers we are able to do this. Presently, 22 volunteers sign up to help each month. Our main focus is to spend quality time with the animals and make them feel like they are “home.”
*We take the dogs for walks,
*Brush the dogs/cats (no-not the feral ones)
*Make sure they have fresh water
*Feed only if the white marker board is NOT checked for the day,
*Occasionally clean kennels if needed
***However, we are not there to take the place of the Animal Control Officers and their duties, but we are happy to help out.

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